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Miss Groupie Supreme Sunset Strip Queen Morgana Welch Comes by to Rock It SeXXXy this Thursday

300x300There was a golden time, throughout the ’70s and into the ’80s, when the true daughters of the Sexual Revolution came into their own. Free, fine and funky, young girls found their ways to NYC, San Francisco – of course, many a muse landed in Hollywood, at places like the Whisky, The Rainbow, Gazzarri’s and Rodney Bingenheimer’s British Disco. Los Angeles was the epicenter of the music scene at that time; stadium rockers who sold millions of albums and concert tickets, fueled by wheelbarrows full of booze and drugs, with the most beautiful, ethereal groupies in tow.

Morgana Welch is one of those Angels of the Sunset Strip; a party girl in powder blue eye shadow with a mane of honey blonde hair. The kinda girl you read about in Creem or Circus Magazine. The kinda girl that was the envy of other teen girls, stuck out in the suburbs, that fantasized about meeting Robert Plant or Jimmy Page, Iggy Pop or David Bowie.

Thursday night, April 3, Amber Lynn Rock’N’SeXXXy UnCensored is thrilled to host Miss Morgana and talk about her book “The Hollywood Diaries.” We want to know ALL about the bands, of course, but also about some her groupie cohorts. Actually, producer Jojo was one of those girls stuck in the suburbs during the late ’70s, so she’s dying to hear the dish about all her favorite bands. Miss Amber Lynn has a few Sunset Strip stories, as well – and if we’re very good – she just might tell us a few.

It’s gonna be a GREAT show, so don’t miss it. Call Amber Lynn Rock’N’SeXXXy UnCensored at 323-203-0815 and talk to us LIVE THURSDAY NIGHTS, at 7pm PST/10pm EST – TUNE IN, baby, on, and iTunes.



Thursday’s Show Will Officially KICK ASS!

snowball-1 Mainly because the studio will be FULL of asskickers – including our intrepid hostess Amber Lynn and super special guest lady rocker extraordinaire Lorraine Lewis, the lead vocalist of Femme Fatale!! She’s gonna be talking to us about WHAT is gonna be UP on that Monsters of Rock Cruise, departing March 29 through April 2nd, in Nassau, bitches!

Femme Fatale will be on the bill for the cruise, as well as other bands like Tesla, Ratt, Cinderella, Winger, Faster Pussycat, LA Guns, Great White, Slaughter, and so on… wow, that’s a lot of bands. I hope the bartenders are ! Imagine being on a boat in the middle of the ocean with CARL PALMER for the weekend, ladies. Still, you turn me on…

Also, in the house Thursday, Anthony “Tiny” Biuso who is NO slouch on drums himself, having pounded out a few sets with iconic SoCal punk band T.S.O.L. He is a frequent co-host and always lends a man’s point of view to the conversation, as well as sound effects. His masturbation sound effect from last week’s show is something we can’t un-hear, but we love him anyway xoxo

Our adult industry guest is TBA. Ladies in the audience, don’t be shy to call the show – for real, where else can you get the opinions or advice of bonafide rock and porn stars??? If you have ever been curious about life in the fast lane, give RNSU a call at 323-203-0815  tomorrow night at 7pm PST/10pm EST – Amber Lynn Rock’N’SeXXXy UnCensored, THURSDAY on, and iTunes.

Kendra Lust Hasn’t Done Anal Yet – What’s Up With That?

tumblr_mvidl91u2z1smzdl4o1_1280Kendra Lust is that perfect combination of the nice lady that lives next door and the nasty dirty girl that wears short skirts with no panties – all the better to see her magnificent ass. An unbelievably spectacular ass – which is why we can’t believe she hasn’t done anal on camera yet. Anyway, that was one of many things we learned about Kendra on Thursday night.

Amber Lynn and Tiny Biuso were in-studio when the Lust Army invasion started. Online, Kendra has a loyal following that RTed our tweets about her appearance on the show, and once she was on the phone, the board lit up with eager fans. Our No. 1 fan, Ali from Dubai called in to shower Kendra with compliments and praise, very well-deserved.

Amber is a huge fan of Kendra’s, officially declaring her the next BIG thing. And Kendra has gained a lot of premium exposure , for someone who has been in the industry only since 2012. She’s beloved by fans and colleagues alike. Like most successful performers, Kendra loves what she does; her previous employment was as a nurse (like Nina Hartley).

Kendra also is beginning to feature dance, so she and Amber had a lot to chat about. Back injuries have kept Amber from the rigorous schedule of a feature dancer; she was one of the first adult performers to leverage exotic dancing into a substantial revenue stream. Kendra is currently scheduled for appearances on the East Coast.

It’s really great to have a guy’s viewpoint on the show, and Tiny was in rare form Thursday. He would like a job dreaming up titles for XXX movies. For Kendra’s first anal title, he suggested “Push, Push In the Tush.” And, always the consummate professional, he viewed several of Kendra’s scenes for background. Tiny agrees; Kendra’s ass is heavenly, though she’s a devilish girl.

NEXT TIME, we’re getting Kendra & Amber in the studio (with no panties, of course), and we’ll get Tiny to direct his first scene and shoot it all on iPhone. How many of you would like to see that??? NO anal, though, because anal is special!

Kendra was so wonderful, we can’t wait to have her on again and Tiny is awesome-sauce, too. Special thanks to him for subbing at the last minute. Everyone on the show also hopes that Erica McLean’s horse is better; we missed her very much on Thursday. If you missed it, LISTEN to the show right here.


Lust Army Invades Rock’N’SeXXXy UnCensored!

1D905D5C121039029786250465280_1a309c27acd.4.7.9766331947672866206.mp4_76dyaNKknQqcv6p27dCsDuJYI.IAmQAXJ80snY166xQvhJmyUHkx._GcAA59alDvIt’s going to be a very special Thursday night for Rock’N’SeXXXy because our very special guest is the lovely and luscious adult star Kendra Lust. She’s a MILF with a capital Mmmmmmmmmmmm. Her loyal legion of fans – the Lust Army – worship her like a goddess. And she fits the part –  brunette with a dark, smouldering sexuality and an unbelievable body.

Unapologetically athletic, Kendra enjoys sports. She’s a BIG fan of professional wrestling. A HUGE fan, in fact. Things got a little scandalous when she was linked to WWE champion wrestler/actor/rapper John Cena – we’ll talk about ALL that on Thursday night.

Some other things about Kendra – she’s a sought-after performer who is well-liked by her fellow performers. Kendra came into the industry when she was 33, and in one of her previous careers, she was a registered nurse. Mmmm, imagine Nurse Lust rockin’ that little nurse’s outfit and – lucky you – it’s time for your sponge bath…

Check out the Bang Bros. video below, which features an interview with Kendra. RNSU is really looking forward to a wild, SeXXXy visit with her this week, Thursday, March 20, at 7pm PST/10pm EST on And now, listen to Amber Lynn Rock’N’SeXXXy UnCensored on, or download at iTunes.

What a Spaz! Monday Nights with the Spazmatics

Thanks to Amber’s amazing friend promoter Julian, the RNSU crew was able to swing by House of Blues on Sunset last Monday night to see ’80s tribute band The Spazmatics. As a matter of fact, Amber introduced the show, which was packed with party people ready to party down like it was 1989. Wear a lot of neon and have a couple of Long Island Iced Teas – it’s pretty exciting for a Monday night.

Memory Mondays with The Spazmatics continue for the next three weeks at House of Blues Sunset.


0Amber Lynn Rock’N’SeXXXy UnCensored is pleased to welcome rapper Boobie Soprano to tonight’s show! Formerly known as YG Soprano, Boobie is from Gardena – a local rapper poised to take the West Coast sound to another level.

Boobie says Hip-Hop saved his life. “Falling in love with music is the best thing that ever happened to me. Music is a gift from God. It’s powerful, inspirational, and has so many different elements. Everyone can’t help but to love some type of music. I’m so much more than an artist…I’m a musician and I actually love making music!” Look at DaBoobieTrap website right here.

Now, co-hostess and pimpette Erica McLean is as down as she could be, but Amber Lynn and producer Jojo are a little Hip-Hop challenged, so we hope Boobie will teach us what we need to know about his flow. You can check out his latest mix tape series, Smokin’ Mirrors on iTunes here.

Amber Lynn Rock’N’SeXXXy UnCensored will be on tonight, MARCH 13, 7pm PST/10pm EST on And now, listen to RNSU on or download the show from iTunes.

Sex on the Airwaves, and Maybe Coming to You in a Camper

400684-407842-350x350We had a super time on Rock’N’SeXXXy UnCensored last night with adult industry guests Luc Wylder and his wife Alexandra Silk. Both have spent 12 years on a journey, traveling to different cities looking for awesome amateurs that want to have SEX. Episodes of their adventure are available from adult retailer Adam & Eve, titled “Sex Across America.”

In fact, the phone lit up with callers. Amber and co-host Erica McLean kept the conversation fresh, wanting to know the details – especially when one of Luc & Alexandra’s playmates called in and said “hello.” Somehow, it came out that our guest has a “big, hard cock” (actually Alexandra may have let that slip). He said Luc & Alexandra were good people and great to hang out with.

Swingers, adult moviemakers and very spiritual, sexy people, Luc & Alexandra shoot scenes with amateurs that contact them, interested in exploring their various sexual fantasies – threesomes, foursomes and moresomes. Luc also is an experienced BDSM dom, adding another discipline to the menu of delights that can be touched on. Alexandra also does sex surrogacy work. The depth of experience that they bring to other people is a result of the openness and sensuality cultivated in their own relationship.

Luc also mentioned one of the newest “Sex Across America” titles includes bisexual fantasies with amateur couples that really wanted to push the boundaries of their own limitations. Luc & Alexandra are very skilled at what they do, in order to get good scenes from amateurs.

a46796_xlfIn addition to the movie titles, “Sex Across America” has morphed into a blog where Luc & Alexandra post new stories on Monday, usually on current SEX topics.

If you’re curious about seeing some of their work, Luc & Alexandra have FallenAngel.TV, where visitors can purchase DVDs; watch short clips and scenes in a variety of categories; and buy sex toys.

You can also visit and get to know sweet, beautiful Alexandra. Luc has his personal blog at, where he writes on a lot of topics.

So fantastic to have them spend an hour with #RNSU, and hope to have them back very soon xoxo If you missed the show, you can listen here.

AEVC Celebrates Amber Lynn’s Career with a Lifetime Achievement Award

61aBIHVkxwL._SX258_BO1204203200_-228x300The Adult Entertainment Virtual Conference, which was held last week, paid special tribute to our own Amber Lynn, with a lifetime achievement award. We’d love to bring you pictures of the event and the dress that Amber wore, etc., but it was a virtual online conference. So Miss Amber received the award virtually (or actually her avatar did), and we’re working to get some footage of the event so you can see.


Four legends together in Las Vegas (l to r) including, Seka, Mark Davis, Amber Lynn and Sean Michaels.

This was Amber first visit to the virtual convention, which has been gaining in popularity with adult industry folks for the last couple of years. In a complete simulated environment created by Red Light Center and Utherverse, the conference comes complete with seminars, recreational activities, awards show and – unlike terrestrial conventions – a lot of avatar nudity. We predict the show will continue to live long and prosper.

Amber is thrilled, excited and very happy to have received the award! Yay!!!


SEX Across America on RNSU This Week

543872_240482849441239_222515227_nRock’N’SeXXXy UnCensored welcomes Sex Across America with our good friends Luc Wylder and Alexandra Silk, on Thursday night!

Luc is an AVN Hall of Fame adult director that has been in the industry since the ’80s, and his wife Alexandra has been an adult actress, well-known for her role on Playboy’s Sex Court and appearances in magazines and movies.

Sex Across America is a media project Luc & Alexandra have worked on for several years that combines erotic film, travelogue documentary-style footage, blogging and other social media to create a unique glimpse at sex throughout our great nation. Featuring everyday people as they explore sexual curiosities, challenges and creativity, both Luc and Alexandra have logged a lot of stories and scenes. They’ve been to Seattle, Virginia Beach, Sturgis, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Puerto Rico, New Orleans and many other locations.

54325So – when it comes to sex – Luc & Alexandra have A LOT to talk about. They believe that good sex plays a significant part in all aspects of life – emotionally, spiritually and physically. They’ve been all over (and seen EVERYTHING) in pursuit of understanding human sexuality with hands-on research.

Please, join us for this super HOT, super FUN and informative episode of RNSU. This Thursday night, 7pm PST/10pm EST on

Do you have a question about SEX? Call in on Thursday night to talk to Luc, Alexandra and Amber at 323-203-0815.

Bongs for Russia

The show this week was like a beautiful 420 fantasy coming true for our listeners with two very special guests. In studio, the exquisite Nikita Von James, from Russia with love. Calling into the show, RNSU was SO excited to have B-Real, legendary lead rapper for Cypress Hill. And sitting in the co-host’s chair, adult director, photographer, 420 girl and Official Pimpette Erica McLean (making a return visit this week).

B called in at the top of the show, and was ready to talk about many projects that he is currently working on, both solo and with Cypress Hill. After a four-year hiatus from releasing albums, Cypress Hill faithful are ready for the one scheduled to drop in 2014. B described the new material as maybe a little “darker” than what fans are used to hearing.

IMG_7497A wise and enterprising businessman, B also talked a little about his own line of glass smoking accessories, scheduled to launch on 4/20, uh, naturally. Erica – an amazing woman of many talents – reached out to B and offered to shoot some pieces of glassware with adult models. A model like Nikita Von James, for instance. So, we all fantasized about Nikita with a 6-foot bong for a moment… All agreed this would be an AWESOME IDEA.

Another good idea- BReal.TV an online project featuring news, culture and cannabis information. B is over there daily, streaming live with interviews and discussions, including special features like the Dr. Greenthumb 420 Show and marijuana strain reviews.

Out of left field, Amber and Producer Jojo raised the topic of the Grammy controversy over Macklemore sweeping hip-hop categories. B offered a very informed perspective, coming from the viewpoint of having been on the Grammy voting committee when hip-hop had first become a category.

Do they have bongs in Russia? Anyway, we are not even kidding when it comes to Nikita Von James in a promotional spread with some of B’s custom glassware, maybe gracing the pages of Hustler??? Erica has been a longtime contributor to the mag, so we’ll see…

IMG_7493What can we say about Nikita? Most guys probably go a little bit deaf when they first lay eyes on Nikita anyway. She is one of those seXXXy, delicate blondes that seems FULL of mischief. A feature dancer – if she comes within 100 miles of your town make the effort to see her show. She’s actually from Siberia, you know, so she came a long way to become the smokin’ HOT, sexually empowered lady that you see today. Truly a starlet on her way up in the industry, said Amber.

At one point, there was a revelation that Nikita, Amber AND Erica are ALL rock’n DDs! Take notes, ladies! If you want to get that porn star physique, plan on getting some good implants. Or, like Producer Jojo – who is too cheap to get implants – you can rock it in a B or C cup, she’s not even really sure.

And Erica – truly the co-hostess-with-the-mostess – so talented and RNSU is honored to have her onboard to do more cohosting. If you would like to hear a replay of the show, hit it right here.

Thanks, once again to B Real – it was awesome to have you on the show!