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It’s Gonna be Complete Anarchy This Thursday!!!

Wow, our Miss Amber is back from the Chiller Theater Expo that took place this past weekend in Parsippany, NJ, and she kristen-renton-people-in-tv-photo-u3brought some friends with her! Visiting Rock’N’SeXXXy UnCensored this THURSDAY NIGHT, “Sons of Anarchy” star Kristen Renton (who plays porn star Ima Tite) and actor Clifton Collins, Jr of “The Boondock Saints 2” and numerous other roles.

“Oh my God, we had so much fun in New Jersey,” said Amber. “Kristen is just very cool and Clifton is SO good-looking. It’s really nice of them to come by and do the show – and we are so excited because lots of fans that enjoy adult also are SOA fans.”

“Sons of Anarchy” has been on the air since 2008, and is FX Channel’s highest rated show to date. However, the upcoming seventh season (scheduled to premier in September) will be the last for SAMCRO. Rumors have it that the last season of “SOA” may be entirely in black and white. Anyway, maybe Kristen will have some clues for our listeners on what they can expect in the final episodes. Kristen and Amber may share some tips on playing a proper porn star, so you don’t want to miss that. And since Amber, Kristen, and producer Jojo are all insane animal advocates, there will be a talk about everyone’s pets – and we’ll have to see what kind of animals Clifton is into 😉

Clifton comes from a longtime LA-area, Latino acting family; in fact, his grandfather was in the 1959 John Wayne classic, “Rio Bravo.” IMBD refers to Clifton as a “chameleon,” so it’ll be fun to talk about what it’s like in HOLLYWOOD these days, what it’s like for young actors – and we want to see if Clifton is rock’n’ his mohawk (like in the video below) – we LOVE that.

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From One Porn Star to Another

It’s rare, but every once in awhile, porn stars align across the XXX universe, across space and time, and you get women of IMG_7647different X-rated eras together for a chat – that’s what happened last Thursday on Rock’N’SeXXXy UnCensored.

Representing that brand new, starry-eyed young beauty – fresh from right off of the bus – was super new starlet Jenna Ivory. Amber Lynn and Jenna met at the XRCO Awards (Jenna’s very first XRCO event) just the night before, and came into the studio for one of her very first radio interviews. Pretty as a princess at a ball, Jenna has really done very few scenes and is only doing girl/girl for now.

ALSO on the show last week – the awesome woman that is everywhere right now, Miss Bonnie Rotten. Already recipient of Best Female Performer at January’s AVN Awards, Bonnie kicked ASS on the Super Slut award and then called into RNSU the very next night! In fact, Bonnie called from set, where she had just completed another extreme scene – literally calling us after wiping her face clean from the festivities. She’s so awesome, though, nothing phases her. In fact, she’s pretty fucking stoked.

Like in any other industry, performers give each other tips. Co-host Tiny Biuso agreed that musicians are always showing a band mate how to play a riff or do a trick. So, no surprise that women in the adult industry sometimes help a sista out with some pointers. For a young performer like Jenna, there’s a lot to learn regarding make-up, photography, wardrobe, how to pose, different sexual positions and acts, healthcare & hygiene – and that’s just for starters!

Amber admitted, in 1983, when she arrived in the business, that she was sexually-inexperienced. Then using her hands, Amber demonstrated an oral sex technique that looked like a couple of slaps and some yanking – Jenna looked confused, probably because without an actual PENIS to practice on, it was kinda confusing. And Tiny wasn’t volunteering.

Then, just as Amber explained that she’d learned the oral maneuver from classic adult star Karen Summer – Karen Summer 265541calls into the show!! Also seen at the XRCO, Karen sounded thrilled to be back in the limelight and camera flashing.

Miss Rotten has enough energy to launch an armada, and a can-do attitude that has gotten her to the top of the industry in short order. She represents the intelligent, alternative young woman that is all about pushing the limits, doing it her way, being up-front and out-front – what some feminists might call “empowered.” Bonnie’s got the power, alright.

So, when Amber asked Bonnie what advice she had for young Jenna, Bonnie came straight out and said, “NEVER be desperate in this business. Because if you’re desperate, then they’ve got you.” Without sounding ominous, that is a wise piece of advice (for any girl, in any profession).

Amber will be at the Chiller Theater Expo in Parsippany, NJ, this weekend. SO, we’re rerunning the show we did in February with Cypress Hill’s B Real and super HOT starlet Nikita Von James.

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Amber Lynn Does Parsippany – SEE HER at the Chiller Theater Expo this Weekend!

A fan fest of gigantic proportions, the Chiller Theater Expo welcomes Miss Amber Lynn to a rare appearance in Parsippany, NJ, 420398_10150537254941498_1236811013_nthis weekend! We hope someone warned the authorities 😉 Amber will be a very special guest at the Expo – greeting fans, signing autographs and taking pictures.

It’s been awhile since Amber traveled east to visit with fans, but during her career as a top headlining feature dancer she toured all over the tri-state area.

“I’m anxious to see fans that may have seen me dance! Back in the day, we had so much fun and people were so wonderful to me. It would be great to see some old friends – and make some new friends, too, of course,” Amber said.

The Expo is huge – a leading autograph/memorabilia show in the Northeast – Chiller has an amazing roster of guests, including: Priscilla Presley, cast members from “Sons of Anarchy,” Tawny Kitaen, Costas Mandylor, Lori Petty (“Tank Girl”), Chuck Zito, Angie Everhart, Nicole Eggert, PJ Soles, Mary Waranov (“Rock’N’Roll High School,” “Eating Raoul”), and many, many more personalities from music, TV and movies.

SO, SHOUT OUT to all East Coast peeps – Amber Lynn is headed your way! It’s an amazing opportunity to meet Amber, classic adult star with 30 years as a top performer of the adult stage and screen. Roll by and say “hi.” Don’t miss out ’cause Amber will Rock Your SeXXXy.

The Chiller Theater Expo is April 25 – 27, at the Parsippany Sheraton, in Parsippany, N.J. For more information, click here.

Some Photos from the 2014 XRCO Awards

Amber Lynn Rock’N’SeXXXy UnCensored was thrilled to attend the 30th anniversary gala celebration of the X-Rated Critics Association Awards (XRCOs), held on Wednesday night in Hollywood, CA.

In fact, Miss AMBER LYNN was the first “Heart-On” Girl, at the first XRCO presentation in 1985 – the honor of presenting trophies during the event is always given to promising new starlets. This year, Amber and XRCO founding member Bill Margold presented Hall of Fame awards to a roster of longtime, loved performers.

Half drunken high school prom/half historic adult moment, some of the XRCO categories include Unsung Swordsman, Orgasmic Analist and the coveted Super Slut (won this year by super performer Bonnie Rotten, our guest on RNSU the very next night!). Amber also was introduced to Jenna Ivory – fresh off the bus at her first XRCO; Jenna joined Rock’N’SeXXXy UnCensored the next night, too, so we had a whole house FULL of girls, except for Tiny Biuso.

Anyway, pictures always say a thousand words – here’s a few from the other night!

Jenna Ivory is Breaking OUT Tonight on Rock’N’SeXXXy UnCensored

Last night’s XRCO Awards event is like the Critic’s Choice of adult movies; X-rated critics from all over the globe vote on their _MG_1862favorite movies and performers, and then the awards are presented at one of L.A.’s few industry-only events.

RNSU hostess Amber Lynn presented Hall of Fame Awards to lovely and legendary Tera Patrick and Wicked Pictures’ star Stormy Daniels (neither could be present). In fact, many industry veterans attended the event – OHM Nightclub located at the Hollywood & Highlands center, was packed with stars new and old. And one of those new performers was Jenna Ivory – a girl that stood out from the crowd to Amber, who has a very good eye for new talent.

So we’d like to welcome Jenna tonight to RNSU, where she will be our “Breakout Performer,” and talk to about what it’s like to be a new adult starlet.

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Happy Birthday Rainbow Bar & Grill!

All the hipsters were out at Coachella and the lots of porn stars were in Atlantic City, doing the Exxxotica Show – but for denizens of the Sunset Strip on Sunday night, it was the Rainbow Bar & Grill’s Party in the Parking Lot, celebrating 42 years as THE rock’n BEST bar and grill on the planet.

And what a history! Here’s a list of rock’n’roll dignitaries that the Rainbow has on its Wikipedia as just a few of the famous partyers that like to hang out at the restaurant: “Lemmy, John Lennon, Keith Moon, Micky Dolenz, Grace Slick, Ringo Starr, Neil Diamond, Led Zeppelin, Alice Cooper, Lizzy Valentine and many others.”

But did you know that the place had actually been a restaurant before becoming the Rainbow? It was called the Villa Nova, owned by director Vincent Minnelli (Lisa’s father) and it was the site of Marilyn Monroe and Joe DiMaggio’s first blind date. The opening party for the Rainbow, on April 16, 1972, was in honor of Elton John. Throughout the ’70s, the restaurant served as a haunt for all the legendary rock musicians of the day. Then, in the ’80s, the hair bands rose to infamy; bands like Motley Crue and Guns & Roses laid waste to Hollywood and the world.

In fact, RNSU’s own Amber Lynn was discovered at the Rainbow by adult director Clive McLean and wife of HUSTLER founder, Althea Flynt. After shooting for HUSTLER, Amber soon became well-known as a sex symbol of the day – big hair and big boobs, blonde and babelicious!

Last Sunday night, bands Great White, Bullet Boys, Tracii Guns, and Bitch, got the audience all sweaty and seXXXy.

Of course, you cannot talk about the beginnings of the Rainbow, without also remembering Elmer Valentine, Lou Adler, Mario Maglieri, the restaurant’s founders and each a rock’n’roll legend in his own right. Happy birthday, Rainbow!! WE LOVE YOU xoxo


Bonnie Rotten is Having More Fun Than Anybody!

And now she’s on Rock’N’SeXXXy UnCensored THIS THURSDAY NIGHT!! She’s SO excited and SO are we. This 0e10bf3abb191eea13ed457710c1b3a7year’s recipient of the Best Female Performer Award at the AVNs in January, Bonnie Rotten is wickedly tatted and every time you see her on Facebook, she’s up to something crazy like zip-lining or skydiving or whatever. This unlikely porn princess has taken the business by storm, and her name is Hurricane Bonnie.

Miss Rotten is rock’n that body, too – from top to bottom, it’s obvious that Bonnie’s been working on her fitness. We want to know about those old school tats – did she get them in prison? What kind of ice cream does she like? And what’s going on behind that mysterious smile??? Her Cheshire Cat grin betrays stories of the porn star life that would make mere civilians tremble with fear (and fantasy).

So, don’t miss the chance to hear and even talk to one of the hottest porn stars on the planet right now.

Bonnie will join us Thursday night, 7pm PT/10pm ET on and CALL US when the show is on LIVE at 323-203-0815. Visit the RNSU Blog for guest updates, photos, news. If you miss the show, download it at iTunes. And please, follow us on Twitter @RockNSeXXXyU and Facebook.

Amber Lynn Rock’N’SeXXXy UnCensored Happy to Welcome HUSTLER HOLLYWOOD as Sponsor

Amber Lynn Rock’N’SeXXXy UnCensored is thrilled to announce adult retailer HUSTLER HOLLYWOOD as a show sponsor. The match is a great one for listeners that love sex, music and fame on the fabulous Sunset Strip!

“This is fantastic because I have a long history with HUSTLER,” Amber Lynn said. “I was discovered by Clive McLean and Althea Flynt at the Rainbow, across the street from where HUSTLER HOLLYWOOD stands now. I was the first HUSTLER Honey of the Year and worked with HUSTLER a lot over the years, so I have a soft spot in my heart for HUSTLER.”

Sponsorship includes ads on the RNSU blog and mentions on the Amber Lynn Rock’N’SeXXXy UnCensored radio Hustler-Hollywood-logoshow, every Thursday at 7pm PT/10pm ET, on Special promotions, giveaways and amazing fun stuff also are being planned and will be announced in upcoming weeks.

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HUSTLER HOLLYWOOD® is an upscale, modern adult boutique dedicated to providing a sophisticated shopping experience for the sexually curious.  Its stores feature an appealing selection of high-quality toys, erotica, lingerie, shoes, apparel and novelties, supported by a knowledgeable staff trained to provide education and recommendations based on individual needs. The first HUSTLER HOLLYWOOD opened in 1998 on the famed Sunset Strip in West Hollywood.  There are now 12 stores across the country, and expansion continues.

Tera Patrick Talks About Her Induction to the XRCO Hall of Fame, on Thursday’s RNSU

Natural beauties like Tera Patrick are rare and delicate like an exotic flower. A beauty that blooms in front of the tera_patrick3camera and makes a career out of being a sex symbol deserves the recognition of her peers and the public. This Thursday, Miss Tera is LIVE to talk to Rock’N’SeXXXy about her induction into the X-Rated Critics Organization Hall of Fame. She will join the ranks of the legendary on April 16, at the awards presentation, which will take place at OHM Nightclub in the Hollywood & Highlands Center, in Hollywood, CA.

Since stepping back from movie work, Tera has bloomed in many other areas – burlesque, cosplay, motherhood – so we want to hear what are her most recent projects. Amber and Tera will recall for listeners what it’s like to be porn queens, how the business has changed over the years – and MOST IMPORTANT – what they will be WEARING to the XRCOs!

Don’t miss this opportunity to talk to one of the most beautiful women in the world (according to FHM and other men’s magazines) – call us Thursday night at 7pm PT at 323-203-0815.

ALSO: Rock’N’SeXXXy has some pretty BIG announcements to make on Thursday night, so tune in to share the love tera-ween1with us. New sponsors, live events and some amazing fun on the Sunset Strip – Rock’N’SeXXXy is growing. And we want to thank the listeners, fans and everyone that has helped the show along the way. YOU GUYS ROCK! YOU make us want to bring YOU the best in entertainment for adults, and RNSU promises that we will keep bringing it as long as YOU want it.

Miss Tera creates a stir with Rock’N’SeXXXy listeners and fans, whenever she makes an appearance and we expect Thursday to be crazy HOT!

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Hats Off to Morgana Welch!

Part of being Rock’N’SeXXXy is that wild, almost reckless desire to push boundaries – to feel the freedom of your own tumblr_mywllhT4en1tofx6ao1_1280choices. That describes how a lot of us remember the ’70s being – a carefree time, when ecstatic experiences were encouraged, actually sought after. In that respect, Morgana Welch has lived a life to be envied – a golden groupie of the highest echelon, dancing the days away with famous musicians like Robert Plant, John Paul Jones, Roy Harper and a few others.

Sex, drugs and rock’n’roll defined the era and Morgana was on the scene; at the Continental Hyatt House, hoping some famous rock musician might take a fancy to a tanned, turned-on teen queen of the Sunset Strip. She recorded it all in a memoir called “The Hollywood Diaries.” Available for Kindle and also in hardcopy from Amazon (this would be a great read alongside another RNSU guest’s book, “Dirty, Rocker Boys” by video vixen Bobbie Brown, who was a muse of the ’80s – that’s your Rock’N’SeXXXy summer reading recommendations).

RNSU was so honored to have Morgana on last Thursday! Especially producer Jojo, who has wanted to squeeze mw711bRobert Plant’s lemon since she was about 13, back in the ’70s. Morgana confirmed that Plant is very nice, just as Jojo imagined, and that he has a big… penis. Since that’s as close as producer Jojo is likely to get to Robert Plant’s penis, she’s quite happy with that information. We also found out that Morgana had a FOURSOME with musicians John Paul Jones, Roy Harper and (we’re assuming) another lovely, young lady. Well, well! John Paul Jones – it’s always the quiet ones that turn out to be the most fun, right?

Morgana knew Iggy Pop only in passing. She recalled warm memories of the Winter Brothers. There’s a photo of her, sitting next to young David Bowie, when he first came to America. If you want to know the rest, buy the book. We love you, Miss Morgana, fine and foxy as you are, for being a luminary during that enlightened period that will turn out to be the golden years of electric rock’n’roll. Producer Jojo salutes you! Hats off to a woman brave and bodacious enough to live those fantasies. That’s what Rock’N’SeXXXy is ALL about!

If you missed it, listen to the show here.