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Damn, We Know A lot of Drummers!

That’s because Amber Lynn and the Rock’N’SeXXXy crew love men with rhythm. Men that can keep up a hard, loud boom-batta-boom beat for hours. Rarely the star of the show, though, but always the anchor of every major band, drummers bang it out. This week’s Rock’N’SeXXXy is so happy to welcome Liberty DeVitto, drummer for 30 years with legendary “Piano Man” Billy Joel. In a career that stretches from the ’70s to present, Liberty also has played with Carly Simon, Phoebe Snow, Karen Carpenter, Rick Wakeman, Bob James and Meat Loaf.

Liberty is an East Coast guy. He was perched on his drum stool during the wildest, most exciting times in modern music. He’s been a session player, roadie, played weddings, survived a serious truck accident – we can only imagine the stories he has to tell. And we wonder if he’s okay to talk about the out-of-court settlement he got from Billy Joel, after suing Joel for money owed over songwriting credits.

Spending so many years in Billy Joel’s band hasn’t slowed Liberty down a bit. He’s done fundraising for children’s music charity Little Kids Rock. He’s always in a band or sitting in – his newest band project is the Slim Kings. Check out a very seXXXy groove on this new single, “Dirty Minds” (but you should watch the end of the video, ’cause it’s not what you think). This little ditty’s got a real dirty grind on it, on top of the rock steady beat.

Co-hosting the show tomorrow night – another drummer! Our good friend Anthony “Tiny” Biuso will be in the co-seat, opposite Amber. This will be fantastic because Tiny knows all the fancy drum words and stuff about gigs, and all that. Amber and producer Jojo will pretend like they know what they’re talking about.

Just recently, Tiny ended his tenure as the drummer for thrash punk band TSOL, so we’re excited to hear about some of the things he’s working on – animal rescue, drum clinics, vlogging on Sullen TV and doing ALL kinds of seXXXy, cool shit.

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Miss Asa Akira Makes Rock’N’SeXXXy a Stop on her Whirlwind Book Tour

This week we are really lucky to have Wicked Pictures contract star Asa Akira for Thursday night. Not only is Asa currently the asa_akira_avn_nw_(62)hottest Asian star in American adult films, but also she is a new author, having released “Insatiable: Porn – A Love Story,” from Grove Press.

The book is a memoir that covers Asa’s life from childhood to the journey that eventually led her to become an in-demand, hardcore performer and one of the most recognizable adult stars today. Her writing has been called “articulate,” “conversational,” and “astonishingly interesting” by critics.

In fact, Amber and producer Jojo can’t wait to read it. We want to know more about this former prep school girl, professional dominatrix, porn star, millionaire and doggy mommy – and we hope you do, too!

You know that Rock’N’SeXXXy is UnCensored, so there’s no such thing as TMI. Where else can you hear adult performers, mainstream actors, and musicians just talking about what they want to talk about? Can’t wait to know what turns Asa on, what turns her off, and what she would be doing if she wasn’t an awesomely HOT porn star.

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Thursday Night is Gonna Go BOOM!

Like nuclear warhead BOOM BOOM! Amber Lynn Rock’N’SeXXXy UnCensored will have a very special drummer in the house – thrash metal superstar guest Nick Menza, well-known for his near-decade with iconic thrash metal band Megadeth. His fanbase is worldwide and cult-like, so we know there’s gonna be a lot of you listening in to hear about Nick’s upcoming memoir, “Nick Menza: Megalife” and drumming projects in Mexico. Hopefully, Nick will shoot the shit about drumming – for all you aspiring drummers out there – this guy know what’s up and what life is like in the L.A. music scene. Anyway, check out Nick drumming his ASS off in 1990 with Megadeth.

Now it wouldn’t be Rock’N’SeXXXy without the seXXXy part. You know Miss Amber Lynn always shows up dressed for a party. This week, we would like to welcome back Kristen Renton, a talented actress that you will be seeing this September in the seventh and final season of “Sons of Anarchy.” Amber is absolutely head-over-heels for her, especially because Kristen’s character on SOA is Ima Tite, the always-abused porn star. Kristen also spent a year on “Days of Our Lives.” She played a downhome Southern belle on the soap, which has been on TV since 1965 – waaaay before Kristen was born. Anyway, here’s a trailer from 2013 for a short movie she starred in called “Girl at the Door.” Looks like the moral of the story IS, that’ll teach you to go out and have rough sex with a beautiful stranger.

We can’t promise you any rough sex on the show, on Thursday, but we can talk about it 😀 We’re pretty sure that the fans might try to talk Amber and Kristen into a kitten/cougar thing. It’s hard to say what might happen – but you’ll never know unless you LISTEN…

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Bomb Babe Jessa Rhodes Joins Rock’N’SeXXXy UnCensored Tonight

Where does Amber find these girls? These SEXXX bomb, blonde, leggy, lovely women? Tonight, it’s our pleasure to welcome adult performer and December 2013 HUSTLER cover model Jessa Rhodes to the show.

1369023612_sc_18642_02_03On her Twitter, a quote from Oscar Wilde, “You will always be fond of me. I represent to you all of the sins you never had the courage to commit.” Indeed. Those words only hint at how deliciously sinful Miss Jessa can be.

A popular feature dancer, cultivating a big fan base for her club appearances and her scenes. Amber also is a veteran of the club circuit, so there should be some interesting chat about life on the road.

Jessa also is a devoted animal rights advocate and hopes to open an animal rescue facility one day. Compassionate treatment of animals is a cause that all of us at Rock’N’SeXXXy support, as do many in the adult industry and other entertainment media.

We’re curious about Jessa. What’s her favorite move onstage when she’s dancing? What’s her favorite animal? What’s it really like to be so beautiful? You know, stuff like that 🙂

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On the Show Thursday: Actor Emilio Rivera Brings “Water and Power”

We’re very lucky, this week, on Amber Lynn Rock’N’SeXXXy UnCensored, to have special guest actor/producer Emilio Rivera. With many TV and movie roles, you may recognize Emilio as Alvarez, the leader of the Mayan motorcycle club on “Sons of Anarchy.” Or in “Con-Air” as Carlos, with Nicolas Cage – or from roles in other films, including “Bruce Almighty,” “Spiderman 3,” “Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles,” as well as numerous TV roles.

Emilio’s latest project is a movie called “Water and Power,” which he produced alongside veteran Latino actor Edward James Olmos. Just released, the movie is playing in limited release in several south L.A. and Long Beach theaters. Here’s the trailer – check it out:

A tale of crime, politics, family and the Eastside, the movie is described as “Chicano noir,” and shot against the gritty, rich visuals of Los Angeles. Twin brothers – nicknamed “Water” and “Power” by their father, who worked for the DWP – grow up and become entwined in a story that twists and turns dangerously (like Mulholland through the heart of the city).

Then, there’s “Sons of Anarchy.” Since Amber sort of has a thing for bikers, and since she recently had the pleasure of meeting SOA cast members (including Emilio) at the Chiller Theater Expo, we want to talk to him about playing the “bad guy” with a lot of his characters. The villainous roles are always the tastiest. But we know behind all that, Emilio is a good guy – he was nice enough to juggle his schedule to be with us Thursday night. And, on his Facebook, the profile picture is him and a lady we think is probably his mom. With Mother’s Day this week, you gotta love a man that loves his mother.

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Bikers, Babes and Tuna Ramen Spread (prison style)

We’re having a heat wave in L.A. and that goes double for our guests on Rock’N’SeXXXy UnCensored this past Thursday – actors Kristen Renton and Clifton Collins Jr. Amber met them both at the Chiller Theater Expo, held recently in Parsippany (say that three times fast), NJ. Anyway, if you get chance to check out the Chiller show, we highly recommend it – it’s sounds like everyone there had a GREAT time.

Kristen currently plays the role of porn star Ima Tite on FX’s “Sons of Anarchy.” Before that, she did a year on “Days of Our Lives,” and lots of television work, including “The OC,” “CSI Miami” and “CSI NY,” MTV’s “Now What,” and a laundry list of other credits. Don’t let her elegant beauty fool you, though – she’s a natural on the red carpet in a gorgeous gown or riding on the back of your chopper to some desert roadhouse for tequila shots and maybe some pole-dancing. Or picking up dog poop with a plastic bag over her hand (and she’s got a huge dog, so that’s a big poop). She’s down-to-earth and likes to have fun – that’s a powerful combination.

But, MOST importantly, Kristen got to pseudo make-out with Charlie Hunnam (who plays Jax Teller on SOA), while she had on pasties and a flesh-colored G-string, and Charlie had on a cock sock. Wow, it must REALLY suck to go to work and have to roll around in bed with nearly-naked Charlie Hunnam. Kristen, we salute you on behalf of women everywhere, for tackling that difficult work assignment!

We didn’t get a chance to talk about Clifton’s on-screen sex scenes. In-person he’s a very sweet, smooth type of guy. Handsome. Smart. Funny. A very talented character actor with many credits to his name, his career started in the late ’80s with stereotypical Latino roles. Clifton’s breakout role came in the movie “One Eight Seven” with Samuel L. Jackson (oh, and Samuel, we LOVE it that you admit you watch porn – we just want you to pay for it, baby xo). Anyway, over the years, Clifton has been in a lot of huge movies – “Star Trek,” “Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day,” “Capote,” “Pacific Rim,” “The Twilight Zone,” and on and on.

Finding a commonality between his actor friends and other friends that have done hard time, one of Clifton’s ongoing projects is a cookbook and the main ingredient is ramen. When you think about it, ramen is a staple for lots of folks out there, but it only taste better when you “Pimp your Soup,” so to speak. Clifton told us a little bit about the tuna ramen spread, a prison recipe that a lot of people know.

We talked about lots of things on Thursday night. Kristen is a dedicated animal rescuer and involved with many animal and local charities. She co-hosts a podcast called World Animal News, focusing on animal rights issues. Clifton, too, was set to go to a fundraising event this weekend for Homeboy Industries. They’re both busy and in-demand actors, so Rock’N’SeXXXy was very appreciative to have them in the studio. Kristen starts shooting on the 7th and final season of “Sons of Anarchy” at the end of May. Clifton had just come from shooting a pilot; he did confirm that, despite rumors otherwise, he will not be playing the lead in Marvel’s “Ant-Man,” scheduled to come out later this year.

Listeners went crazy on the phones – next time we promise to take more calls! And we’d LOVE to have Clifton or Kristen on again, basically, whenever they feel like it. A cooking show with Clifton would definitely be cool – prison style, of course.

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