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Rock’N’SeXXXyU Welcome’s “Who’s Jenna…?” stars Tracey Birdsall, Bill Sorvino, Garry Pastore and director Tom Baldinger join Amber Lynn Thursday 7PM Pst/10 Pm Est


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Amber Lynn Rock’N’SeXXXy Uncensored Welcomes “Who’s Jenna…?”, star’s Tracey Birdsall “The Young and the Restless”, “Dawn of the Crescent Moon”, “Rogue Warrior Robot Fighter”, Bill Sorvino, “Maniac”, “Dangerous Games”, Garry Pastore, HBO’S “The Soprano’s”, “Gotham”, “The Amazing Spiderman 2”, and Award Winning Indie Director Tom Baldinger this week.

SHERMAN OAKS, Calif – Amber Lynn Rock’N’SeXXXy-Uncensored has been working overtime taking the radio airwaves by storm each week with celebrity guests and co-hosts from the Adult, Mainstream,& Music world’s even more exciting than the last and this Thursdays’ RNSU show promises to be no exception.

This week Amber Lynn Rock’N’SeXXXy Uncensored welcomes, the cast and director of the upcoming independent film, ‘Who’s Jenna…?” a comedy, by 624 Productions, actress Tracey Birdsall, and co-star’s Bill Sorvino, Garry Pastore, and award winning director Tom Baldinger, Amber Lynn will also have a guest starring role in this comedy about a case of mistaken identity. The plot centers around Tracey Birdsall’s character Jenna Casey, a beautiful attorney, who Andy Roma (Joseph D’ Onofrio) thinks looks like a famous porn-star he can’t quite pin point, but is so obsessed with his surety he cannot let it go. His roommate Jonathon Burke (Bill Sorvino), a straight laced financial adviser is the boyfriend of Jenna Casey, Garry Pastore in the role of Joe Barbacia is Jenna’s over protective brother In law and Jenna’s boyfriends boss, in this hilarious adult comedy by award winning Director Tom Baldinger (Two Sides Of Love).


Gorgeous Tracey Birdsall, is a successful film and television actress also known for her appearances in “the Young and The Restless” and in the Sci Fi action film ” At the Edge of Time”, in 2014 she earned a Maverick award for her performance in the horror thriller “Dawn of the Crescent Moon”, and “Death Machine” (2015), her most recent work aside from “Who’s Jenna…?” can also be seen in “Rogue Warrior Robot Fighter”.


also joining the show “Who’s Jenna…?” costar actor Bill Sorvino, playing Jenna’s straight laced boyfriend, also known for (Maniac)2013, (Dangerous Games) 2014, and actor Garry Pastore, HBO’s ( The Soprano’s),(Gotham), ( Rob the Mob) 2014,( The Amazing Spiderman 2) and “Who’s Jenna…?” director/ creator Tom Baldinger, along with the shows publicist Laura Madsen, “A Lady in Red” will all be on the show discussing the upcoming project and Amber Lynn’s guest starring role, so don’t miss it.


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Actress Amber Lynn Guest Stars in Upcoming Film “Who’s Jenna…?”


NEW JERSEY, February 9, 2016 – Iconic adult film star, actress, celebrity, and model, Amber Lynn, famous for her starring roles in over 400 adult films since the 1980s, has joined the cast of 624 Productions, LLC’s feature film “Who’s Jenna…?”  Amber will be guest-starring in a role, portraying a realistic fictional version of herself, as an adult film star.

“Who’s Jenna…?” is a comedy, also starring Tracey Birdsall, Bill Sorvino, Joseph D’Onofrio, and Garry Pastore.  Amber Lynn joins other well-known cast members including actors Vincent Pastore (The Sopranos), Vic Dibitetto (Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2), and Lenny Venito (Men in Black II).

The film focuses on Jonathan Burke (Bill Sorvino), a successful financial advisor, as he starts dating Jenna Casey (Tracey Birdsall), an accomplished lawyer.  Jonathan’s best friend, Andy Roma (Joseph D’Onofrio) is convinced she looks exactly like a famous adult film star.

Not only does Jonathan have to deal with his friend’s nonsense, but he also has to juggle his
relationship with his boss (Garry Pastore), who is possibly black-mailing him, and is Jenna’s brother in-law.

A case of mistaken identity creates a whirling storm of comical chaos in Jonathan’s world.

Amber Lynn’s career is long and distinguished. She was a bikini and figure model involved in the raucous Sunset Strip club scene when she met Althea Flynt, the wife of iconic pornographer and Hustler founder Larry Flynt, and famed Hustler photographer Clive Mclean. Starting out in photo spreads for Hustler, Chic and Penthouse, Playboy, High Society and Club, she has been published in over 200 gentlemen’s magazines.

After a few years in the movies, Amber then succeeded as the highest paid live feature performer of her time.  Now, Amber has now joined forces with 624 Productions.

“I’m honored to be included in this all-star cast of “Who’s Jenna…?” and I look forward to working with the cast and crew on the film, and collaborating with Director Tom Baldinger on our first project together,” she said.

Amber is a member of the AVN Hall of Fame, and the recipient of The FSC Lifetime Achievement Award, as well as Hot D’or Lifetime Achievement Award, and countless others.

She currently hosts her own radio show, “Rock ‘N’ SeXXXy Uncensored” on LA Talk Radio and has multiple mainstream projects in the works.

“Who’s Jenna…?” started production in 2015 and is anticipated to premiere late spring of 2016 in both New York and Los Angeles.