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Rock’N’SeXXXyU welcomes “Green Zone” star, award winning actor, Said Faraj, 624 Productions director Thomas Baldinger, “Who’s Jenna…?” star Bill Sorvino join host Amber Lynn


Amber Lynn Rock’N’SeXXXy UnCensored Welcomes, Internationally Known, Award Winning Actor, Said Faraj, “Green Zone”, “Ghost”, “True Romance”, “Bad Influence”, “The Siege”, “The American Failure”, and 624 Productions Director Thomas Baldinger, “Who’s Jenna…?” Star Bill Sorvino, “Mommy’s Box” join this weeks show.

 Green Zone


HOLLYWOOD, Calif – Amber Lynn Rock’N’SeXXXy-Uncensored has been working overtime taking the radio airwaves by storm each week with celebrity guests and co hosts from the Adult, Mainstream,& Music world even more exciting than the last and this Thursdays RNSU show promises to be no exception.

Said Faraj


This Thursday on Rock’N’SeXXXy Uncensored, Amber Lynn welcomes award winning film and television actor Said Faraj, an accomplished international actor, producer, and director with more than 30 years in the industry he delivers an dynamic breakthrough performance in the film “Green Zone” he co-stars in with Matt Damon, which is directed by Paul Greengrass.He brings his character to life with compelling authenticity. A seasoned actor with an intensity that always makes an impact on screen Faraj has been cast in some of the most monumental films of our generation, his credits include, Ghost, True Romance, and The Siege among others. He has also starred in reoccuring roles in televisions top rated shows, 24, The Shield, NCIS:LA, Bones and The Unit. He wrote, directed, produced and starred in the multi award winning film “The American Failure”, which he won 3 Best Actor Awards for at the AOF International Film Festival. He will join RNSU host Amber Lynn live to talk about his career and will take calls from fans all over the world.


Then a very special surprise visit from 624 Productions director Thomas Baldinger, joined by “Who’s Jenna…?” star, actor Bill Sorvino, they will announce the much anticipated upcomming dates for the NYC area premier which will be hosted by the Golden Door International Film Festival on September 24, 2016. Who’s Jenna…?, the romantic, sexy, comedy stars Bill Sorvino, Tracey Birdsall, Joseph D’Onofrio, Garry Pastore, Vincent Pastore, and Lenny Venito, with Edwin Guerrera,Jen Jacob, Michael Tota, Ronnie Marmo, Kevin C. Carr, and Amber Lynn. Award winning actor Bill Sorvino related to the legendary Goodfellas actor Paul Sorvino and academy award winning actress Mira Sorvino, was originally slated to star in another of Thomas Baldingers projects when luck would land him to co-star as the male lead with Tracey Birdsall ( Rogue Warrior: Robot Fighter) in Who’s Jenna…? a film which centers around a beautiful attorney named Jenna Casey, who is dating a dashing financial advisor played by Bill Sorvino, who’s roomate (Joseph D’Onofrio) insists she looks like a famous pornstar, the end result is a hilarious, rom rom comedy must see, brilliantly mastered by director Thomas Baldinger and an all star cast.


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Rock’N’SeXXXyU Welcomes, “Who’s Jenna…?” stars Tracey Birdsall, Bill Sorvino, Garry Pastore, and director Tom Baldinger join host Amber Lynn


 Amber Lynn Rock’N’SeXXXy Uncensored Welcomes “Who’s Jenna…?”, star’s Tracey Birdsall “The Young and the Restless”, “Dawn of the Crescent Moon”, “Rogue Warrior Robot Fighter”, Bill Sorvino, “Maniac”, “Dangerous Games”, Garry Pastore, HBO’S “The Soprano’s”, “Gotham”, “The Amazing Spiderman 2”, and Award Winning Indie Director Tom Baldinger this week.

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SHERMAN OAKS, Calif – Amber Lynn Rock’N’SeXXXy-Uncensored has been working overtime taking the radio airwaves by storm each week with celebrity guests and co-hosts from the Adult, Mainstream,& Music world’s even more exciting than the last and this Thursdays’ RNSU show promises to be no exception.

This week Amber Lynn Rock’N’SeXXXy Uncensored welcomes, the cast and director of the upcoming independent film, ‘Who’s Jenna…?” a comedy, by 624 Productions, actress Tracey Birdsall, and co-star’s Bill Sorvino, Garry Pastore, and award winning director Tom Baldinger, Amber Lynn will also have a guest starring role in this comedy about a case of mistaken identity. The plot centers around Tracey Birdsall’s character Jenna Casey, a beautiful attorney, who Andy Roma (Joseph D’ Onofrio) thinks looks like a famous porn-star he can’t quite pin point, but is so obsessed with his surety he cannot let it go. His roommate Jonathon Burke (Bill Sorvino), a straight laced financial adviser is the boyfriend of Jenna Casey, Garry Pastore in the role of Joe Barbacia is Jenna’s over protective brother In law and Jenna’s boyfriends boss, in this hilarious adult comedy by award winning Director Tom Baldinger (Two Sides Of Love)

Gorgeous Tracey Birdsall, is a successful film and television actress also known for her appearances in “the Young and The Restless” and in the Sci Fi action film ” At the Edge of Time”, in 2014 she earned a Maverick award for her performance in the horror thriller “Dawn of the Crescent Moon”, and “Death Machine” (2015), her most recent work aside from “Who’s Jenna…?” can also be seen in “Rogue Warrior Robot Fighter”.


also joining the show “Who’s Jenna…?” costar actor Bill Sorvino, playing Jenna’s straight laced boyfriend, also known for (Maniac)2013, (Dangerous Games) 2014, and actor Garry Pastore, HBO’s ( The Soprano’s),(Gotham), ( Rob the Mob) 2014,( The Amazing Spiderman 2) and “Who’s Jenna…?” director/ creator Tom Baldinger, will all be on the show discussing the upcoming project and Amber Lynn’s guest starring role, so don’t miss it.


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