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Kendra Lust Hasn’t Done Anal Yet – What’s Up With That?

tumblr_mvidl91u2z1smzdl4o1_1280Kendra Lust is that perfect combination of the nice lady that lives next door and the nasty dirty girl that wears short skirts with no panties – all the better to see her magnificent ass. An unbelievably spectacular ass – which is why we can’t believe she hasn’t done anal on camera yet. Anyway, that was one of many things we learned about Kendra on Thursday night.

Amber Lynn and Tiny Biuso were in-studio when the Lust Army invasion started. Online, Kendra has a loyal following that RTed our tweets about her appearance on the show, and once she was on the phone, the board lit up with eager fans. Our No. 1 fan, Ali from Dubai called in to shower Kendra with compliments and praise, very well-deserved.

Amber is a huge fan of Kendra’s, officially declaring her the next BIG thing. And Kendra has gained a lot of premium exposure , for someone who has been in the industry only since 2012. She’s beloved by fans and colleagues alike. Like most successful performers, Kendra loves what she does; her previous employment was as a nurse (like Nina Hartley).

Kendra also is beginning to feature dance, so she and Amber had a lot to chat about. Back injuries have kept Amber from the rigorous schedule of a feature dancer; she was one of the first adult performers to leverage exotic dancing into a substantial revenue stream. Kendra is currently scheduled for appearances on the East Coast.

It’s really great to have a guy’s viewpoint on the show, and Tiny was in rare form Thursday. He would like a job dreaming up titles for XXX movies. For Kendra’s first anal title, he suggested “Push, Push In the Tush.” And, always the consummate professional, he viewed several of Kendra’s scenes for background. Tiny agrees; Kendra’s ass is heavenly, though she’s a devilish girl.

NEXT TIME, we’re getting Kendra & Amber in the studio (with no panties, of course), and we’ll get Tiny to direct his first scene and shoot it all on iPhone. How many of you would like to see that??? NO anal, though, because anal is special!

Kendra was so wonderful, we can’t wait to have her on again and Tiny is awesome-sauce, too. Special thanks to him for subbing at the last minute. Everyone on the show also hopes that Erica McLean’s horse is better; we missed her very much on Thursday. If you missed it, LISTEN to the show right here.


The World’s Biggest Penis and, Perhaps, the Most Perfect Vagina

This may be the first time ever that superstar mega-goddess Tera Patrick got upstaged by a big, fat penis. Well, not exactly upstaged – but the penis definitely took over the second half of the show.

The first half was all Miss Tera, calling in from her life as a mom, as well as her many other roles: producer, softcore model, burlesque dancer, cosplay enthusiast, animal lover. Amber, Savannah and Tera chatted about Vegas and next week’s AEE Show. They talked girly stuff, like which of them has the best ass. Amber described Tera as refined and “lady-like.” Tera complimented Amber fashion sense, recalling a dance routine in which Amber wore only a fur coat.

Perhaps the most delightful detail that Tera let spill is that her current partner (and father of their daughter) met her while he was taking a mold of her vagina for Fleshlight, to create her signature line of sex toys for the company. “I got shy when he was doing it,” Tera said and she knew that chemistry was in the air. Shy is SO seXXXy.

Tera also said that she hasn’t shot hardcore scenes since 2008 and currently shoots only softcore, à la  Andrew Blake. She does webcam; Amber pointed out that webcam really is the new format for porn.

Tera will make an appearance performing burlesque at a la Mode Thursdays, at 1 Oak in the Mirage Hotel, in Las Vegas on January 16, as part of the festivities around the AEE Show.

Then, after Tera, there was the penis. And NOT Robert Steven Rhine’s penis. Well, actually, it IS his penis, technically…

Rhine is the “deaditor-in-chief” of Girls and Corpses Magazine, the only magazine about death, comedy and HOT chicks on Earth, ever. Like a zombie bikini mash-up with a necrophilia chaser. And maybe unsurprisingly, lots of very HOT girls want to be photographed with dead, petrified, mummified, preserved things – hence, the penis.

Won at auction, Rhine claimed that it came from someone named the “Polish Giant” or something like that – just one of many strange items in his collection.

In a pickle jar, a huge, soft-looking, flesh-colored, vein-y, severed penis floating in some liquid. With the scrotum attached. Like those eggs you get in dive bars and a bloated braunschweiger shoved in a jar. No one asked why it was cut off, so Rhine will have to come back on the show and explain how a huge penis ends up without its owner in L.A.

Amber said that she thought it was bigger than John Holmes.

Not to be overshadowed by the penis, beautiful starlet Jayden Lee joined the show, especially to lapdance Savannah, who was in her black leather. An exotic mix of Asian and hispanic, Jayden is a native Spanish-speaker – that’s really seXXXy. Jayden got a kiss on the lips from Amber, which not even Robert Rhine got one of those.

He did get a lapdance, though, from very lovely Jayden. And then he took his penis and went home.

To listen to last night’s show, click here.

(Photos courtesy of EMM Report)

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