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Rock’N’SeXXXyU Welcome’s Sean McNabb “America”, “Wise Guy’s and Whack Job’s” Danny Provenzano, “Son’s of Anarchy’s” Chuck Zito, Peter Gaudio, Bobbie Jean Brown joins Amber Lynn as host.




Amber Lynn Rock’N’SeXXXy UnCensored & Fuse Tv’s “Ex Wives of Rock” star ,video vixen Warrants “Cherry Pie” Bobbie Jean Brown returns as co-host & Welcome’s Sean McNabb, “Quiet Riot” “Lynch Mobb”  New release of his second solo video “AMERICA” and Part 2 with the cast of “Wise Guy’s and Wack Job’s” animated TV series director creator Danny Provenzano, “This Thing of Our’s”, “New Jersey House Wive’s”, FX TV “Son’s of Anarchy” star Chuck Zito, HBO’s “OZ”,”Home Front”, “Carlito’s Way”, & actor Peter Gaudio, “Back In The Day”, “Snitches” to this weeks RNSU


Amber Lynn Rock’N’SeXXXy-Uncensored has been working overtime taking the radio airwaves by storm each week with celebrity guests and co-hosts from the Adult, Mainstream,& Music world’s even more exciting than the last and this Thursdays’ RNSU show promises to be no exception.


RNSU Welcomes back as this week’s celebrity guest co-host, Fuse TVs  hit reality series” Ex-Wives of Rock,” star Bobbie Jean Brown, former wife of Warrants’ front man Jany Lane. She is most known for being the blonde bombshell star of  Warrants’ all-time hit video  “Cherry Pie” as well as Great Whites, “Once Bitten Twice Shy.” She is also the author of the book “Dirty Rocker Boys” on Simon & Shuster ,and has been seen on TV guest spots on “Married with Children, and appeared in Swartzeneggers action comedy “The Last Action Hero.”  She will take the co-host seat again this week and join Amber Lynn in welcoming some very special guests to this week’s show.



Amber Lynn & guest co-host  “Ex Wives of Rock” star! Bobbie Jean Brown, video vixen- star of Warrants hit video “Cherry Pie,”  Great Whites’  “Once Bitten Twice Shy,” “House of Broken Love,” ‘Lady Redlight” & also seen on hit TV’s “Married with Children’ , Welcome special guests  musician/ actor Sean McNabb “Quiet Riot”, “Lynch Mobb”, with his New Release of his second solo video “America” 2015 Cleopatra Records, Vevo, and Part 2 with  the cast of “Wise Guys’s and Wack Job’s” animated Tv series director creator Danny Provenzano “This Thing of Our’s”, “New Jersey House Wives” along with actor, celebrated martial artist, boxer, stuntman, and real American motorcycle legend Chuck Zito, star of FX Tv “Son’s of Anarchy”, HBO’s “OZ”, “Home Front’, “Carlito’s Way'” and  actor Peter Gaudio, “Back In the Day”, “Snitches”, to this week’s RNSU.




This week’s music guest is actor/ musician Sean McNabb, known for his work as an actor on “Son’s of Anarchy”, and rock bassist he has played for and toured with some great’s such as “Quiet Riot”, and”House of Lords”, “Dokken”,”Great White”,” Montrose”, “Edgar Winter” and recently he has been touring with “Lynch Mobb” in the U.S. and Canada. Celebrating his newest song release, and his second solo/music video “America”, a patriotic piece shot over Memorial day weekend and released on July 4th which features RNSU host Amber Lynn, “Son’s of Anarchy’s” Kathy Zukimoto & Natalie Skyy and others.



and Part 2 with the cast & director/creator of the new animated TV series “Wise Guy’s and Wack Job’s”, Danny Provenzano “This Thing of Our’s”,”New Jersey Housewives” will join the show along with the project’s star, actor Chuck Zito, “Son’s of Anarchy”, HBO’s “OZ”, “Home Front”, Carlito’s Way”,  one of the great Italian bad boy’s, the celebrated martial artist, boxer, stuntman, former celebrity bodyguard and real life American motorcycle legend, is joined by an All star cast in this animated mobster spoof which also includes actors Vincent Curatola “Soprano’s”, John Bianco “Soprano’s”, Eddie Lynch “Exorcist3”,and featuring Joe Perry guitarist of one of the greatest American rock band’s in history, “Aerosmith” and additionally RNSU’s host Amber Lynn joins the cast as the character “Agent Hard Body” and actor Peter Gaudio, “Back in the Day”, “Snitches” as “Mob Man”.


a 30 day project Kickstarter Fundraising campaign is currently under way which offer’s opportunities to acquire a 10,000 guitar autographed by Joe Perry, & the vest Chuck Zito wore as his character Frankie Diamonds on “Son’s of Anarchy” among other things and more exciting cast to be announced as well as plans underway for an a West Coast Kickstarter event.

Last week an unavoidable emergency interfered with Chuck Zito making the show at the last minute, but his fan’s will be happy to know that he will be on this week, and Fan’s are encouraged to call in and join the Fun!

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Join Amber Lynn- Rock-N-SeXXXy-Uncensored  this Thursday July 9, on 7 Pm Pst/10 Pm Est Call Us Live 323 203 0815 and Join in the Fun! if you miss the show replay available download on Itunes & Sticher, check out our Blog at follow us on, @XXXAmberLynns

Rock’N’SeXXXyU Welcomes BOBBIE BROWN Warrants “Miss Cherry Pie”, IRA BLACK- ATTIKA7 guitarist, SHANDA GOLDEN “In The Vault” with host Amber Lynn Thurs



 Amber Lynn Rock’N’SeXXXy UnCensored Welcomes BOBBIE BROWN- Warrant’s “Miss Cherry Pie”, Great White “Once Bitten Twice Shy”,”Dirty Rocker Boys” “Ex Wives of Rock”, IRA BLACK -ATTIKA7 guitarist “Mr Metal” & SHANDA GOLDEN “In the Vault with Shanda Golden” to this weeks RNSU show.


 HOLLYWOOD, Calif – Amber Lynn Rock’N’SeXXXy-Uncensored has been working overtime taking the radio airwaves by storm each week with celebrity guests and cohosts from the Adult, Mainstream,& Music world even more exciting than the last and this Thursdays RNSU show promises to be no exception.

This Thursday on Rock’N’SeXXXy Uncensored Amber Lynn Welcomes the “Legendary” Bobbie Brown star of the 80’s glam rock band WARRANT’S “Cherry Pie” video, album cover and wife of the late Janie Lane frontman of the band. She also appeared in Great White’s music video for the song “Once Bitten Twice Shy”, “House of Broken love”, and Hurricane’s “Im Into You”. She is the Author of her book ‘Dirty Rocker Boy’s, Love and Lust on the Sunset Strip, and starred in her own TV Reality Series, “Ex Wive’s Of Rock” on Fuse which just completed airing.


Next on the show Ira Black guitarist of the Heavy Metal band ATTIKA7’s All Star line up which also includes Evan Seinfield, Rusty Coones and Tommy Holt. Ira is best known for his work with Metal Church, Vicious Rumors, Heathen and Lizzy Borden and known musically for his powerful, loud and heavy riffs speed and is one of metals best shredders.” We will find out what’s new and next for both Ira and Bobbie on this Thursdays RNSU”


Also stopping in Shanda Golden host of “In the Vault with Shanda Golden” and Pin Up Model , She will be in the house to announce her up comming episode featuring none other than RNSU’s Amber Lynn which will be shot directly after Rock’N’SeXXXy Uncensored’s Live broadcast and talk about her work as a “Pin Up” model.


All three of our guests will be LIVE in the studio this Thurs and Fan’s who call in during the show will be treated to autographed memorabillia, swag and more.Fan’s are ALWAYS encouraged to call in and join the fun 323 203 0815.



this Thursday, May 13  7pm PT/10pm ET on and Visit the RNSU Blog at ROCK-N-SEXXXY-UNCENSORED.COM for guest updates, photos, news. If you miss the show, download it at iTunes. And please, follow us on  twitter @RockNSeXXXyU and @XXXAmberLynns


EX Wives of Rock in da’ house last night w/ Amber Lynn on Rock’N’SeXXXy-Uncensored

It was Mayhem last night on RockNSeXXXy w/ the cast of Fuse Tv’s “Ex Wives of Rock” Host Amber Lynn who’s a take no prisoners or shit kinda girl handeled the insanity well, but there were still moments where the group was completely over the top and out of hand, and even some juicy comments and back hands towards a Rockstar EX or two.”We Support Rebels, Rockers, Bad boys. Scarlett Women and all cool shit”, she said “We are a completely uncensored radio show so expect to hear graphic language on a broad spectrum of topics such as Sex, Drugs and Rock n Roll”. and so it was for an entire hour with the cast of Ex Wives of Rock, Bobbie Jean Brown, Sharise Neil, Athena Kottak, and a quickie call in with Andrew Bryniarski the character of “Leather face from the movie” Texas Chainsaw Massacre”. Resident cohost FX SOA star Kristen Renton was absent this Thursday filming in Canada so Anthoy ‘Tiny” Biuso host of Sullen tv’s “Tiny Talk was in the house acting as cohost with Miss Lynn. You gotta give Amber Lynn this “The lady’s got some Big Balls, she’s hilarious she’ gets call ins on the show from fans each week from all over the world, Dubai, Egypt etc.. and the show has great guests on each week from the adult, mainstream and music worlds, and she somehow manages (most times) to make it mix really well.You can listen to Amber lynn Rock-N-SeXXXy-Un censored every Thursday night on LATalkRadio at 7PmPst/10PmEst and if you miss the show its available on replay on stiticher and itunes-RNSU EX WIVES SHOW EDITED CROP

This Thurs on Amber Lynn Rock’N’SeXXXy “Ex Wives of Rock” Bobbie Jean Brown, Sherise Neil, Athena “Lee” Kottack & Andrew Bryniarski” ‘leatherface” star of ‘The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Say What?     Amber Lynn Rock’N’SeXXXy UnCensored & cohost Anthony “Tiny” Biuso, drummer of TSOL, welcome to this week’s RNSU Show-Fuse Tv’s “Ex Wives of Rock” stars.  Video vixen Warrants “Cherry Pie” Bobbie Jean Brown, Sharise Neil star of Motley Crues hit video “Girls Girls Girls,”and Athena “Lee” Kottack, drummer of the all female metal group “Femme Fatale.”  Also, Andrew Bryniarski, most known for his character “Leatherface,”remake of Texas Chainsaw Massacre   Amber Lynn & guest cohost Anthony “Tiny” Biuso – drummer for TSOL, Hookers and Blow, also host of Sullen TV’s “Tiny Talk,” welcome “Ex Wives of Rock” stars! Bobbie Jean Brown, video vixen- star of Warrants hit video “Cherry Pie,”  Great Whites’  “Once Bitten Twice Shy,” “House of Broken Love,” ‘Lady Redlight” & also seen on hit TV’s “Married with Children’ . Athena Lee Kottack  (younger sister of “Motley Crues’ Tommy Lee) as well as drummer of all female rock metal group “Femme Fatale.”  Sharise Neil, star of  “Motley Crue’s” hit video “Girls Girls Girls.”  We also welcome  Andrew Bryniarski,bodybuilder and actor in over a dozen motion pictures & TV shows, most notably his portrayal of “Leather face” in the remake of “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.”      SHERMAN OAKS, Calif – Amber Lynn Rock’N’SeXXXy-Uncensored has been working overtime taking the radio airwaves by storm each week with celebrity guests and cohosts from the Adult, Mainstream,& Music world’s even more exciting than the last and this Thursdays’ RNSU show promises to be no exception.   RNSU Welcomes Fuse TVs  hit reality series” Ex Wives of Rock,” star Bobbie Jean Brown, former wife of Warrants’ front man Jany Lane. She is most known for being the Blonde Bombshell star of  Warrants’ all time hit video  “Cherry Pie” as well as Great Whites, “Once Bitten Twice Shy.” She is also the author of the book “Dirty Rocker Boys” on Simon & Shuste ,and has been seen on TV guest spots on “Married with Children, and appeared in Swartzeneggers action comedy “The Last Action Hero.”    Sharise Neil, former wife of  legendary Motley Crue front man Vince Neil,  starred in Motley Crues hit video “Girls Girls Girls” which was made famous for being banned from TV due to nudity.  She is now a successful clothing designer to celebrities such as Paris Hilton, Kate Hudson Hillary Duff & Fergie.  Athena “Lee” Kottack, (younger sister of Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee.)  Few people know that Tommy Lee isn’t the only kick ass drummer in the family, she is also the drummer for the All female rock metal band “Femme Fatale,” fronted by Lorraine Lewis. Also joining us is Andrew Bryniarski -body builder and actor in television and motion pictures. most notably known for his chilling portrayal of “Leatherface” the killer in the remake of the movie “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.”   “I’m Soo Excited to have not only Bobbie Jean Brown back but Athena and Sharise at the same time live, let’s see if Andrew Bryniarski and cohost Tiny Biuso can keep up.” exclaimed host Amber Lynn   entertainment_tonight_ex_wives_of_rock_season_2_sneak_peek_season_32Join Amber Lynn- Rock-N-SeXXXy-Uncensored  this Thursday July 17on 7Pm Pst/10 Pm Est Call Us Live 323 203 0815 and Join in the Fun! if you miss the show replay available dwnload on Itunes & Sticher, check out our Blog at follow us on, @XXXAmberLynns Sponsored by Hustler Hollywood

Hats Off to Morgana Welch!

Part of being Rock’N’SeXXXy is that wild, almost reckless desire to push boundaries – to feel the freedom of your own tumblr_mywllhT4en1tofx6ao1_1280choices. That describes how a lot of us remember the ’70s being – a carefree time, when ecstatic experiences were encouraged, actually sought after. In that respect, Morgana Welch has lived a life to be envied – a golden groupie of the highest echelon, dancing the days away with famous musicians like Robert Plant, John Paul Jones, Roy Harper and a few others.

Sex, drugs and rock’n’roll defined the era and Morgana was on the scene; at the Continental Hyatt House, hoping some famous rock musician might take a fancy to a tanned, turned-on teen queen of the Sunset Strip. She recorded it all in a memoir called “The Hollywood Diaries.” Available for Kindle and also in hardcopy from Amazon (this would be a great read alongside another RNSU guest’s book, “Dirty, Rocker Boys” by video vixen Bobbie Brown, who was a muse of the ’80s – that’s your Rock’N’SeXXXy summer reading recommendations).

RNSU was so honored to have Morgana on last Thursday! Especially producer Jojo, who has wanted to squeeze mw711bRobert Plant’s lemon since she was about 13, back in the ’70s. Morgana confirmed that Plant is very nice, just as Jojo imagined, and that he has a big… penis. Since that’s as close as producer Jojo is likely to get to Robert Plant’s penis, she’s quite happy with that information. We also found out that Morgana had a FOURSOME with musicians John Paul Jones, Roy Harper and (we’re assuming) another lovely, young lady. Well, well! John Paul Jones – it’s always the quiet ones that turn out to be the most fun, right?

Morgana knew Iggy Pop only in passing. She recalled warm memories of the Winter Brothers. There’s a photo of her, sitting next to young David Bowie, when he first came to America. If you want to know the rest, buy the book. We love you, Miss Morgana, fine and foxy as you are, for being a luminary during that enlightened period that will turn out to be the golden years of electric rock’n’roll. Producer Jojo salutes you! Hats off to a woman brave and bodacious enough to live those fantasies. That’s what Rock’N’SeXXXy is ALL about!

If you missed it, listen to the show here.

Media Whores? Hell Yes, We Are!

1779253_10151877697611498_8103653_nAnd we don’t mind BLOWING our own horn every once in awhile – Rock’N’SeXXXy UnCensored was featured in a story today by adult industry trade publication XBIZ, and we are so proud and happy. We want to thank YOU listeners, because RNSU loves to bring you the hottest guests, most interesting topics and seXXXiest adult conversation on the air. Anyway, if you would like to read the story, here’s a link.

RNSU also would like to thank all the guests that have been so great, so exciting and SO seXXXy – iconic stars like Seka, Ron Jeremy, Janine and Tera Patrick, music guests like Channel Zero, TSOL‘s Jack Grisham and Tiny Buizo, as well as the Ex Wives of Rock‘s Bobbie Brown, Athena Kottack, Lorraine Lewis, Sharise Neil. And breakout starlets Jayden Lee, Kacey Storm, Krystal Summers and Nikki Phoenix, with adult directors Miles Long and Erica McLean.

Thanks to everyone for helping us Rock It SEXXXY!



BANG! BANG! BANG! Our Guest This Week is Athena Kottack

What’s with all the noise? Our guest this week likes it LOUD, the louder the better. Badass as she is beautiful, Athena Kottack was the first woman nominated for an L.A. Music Award, for “Best Drummer.”

Maybe you’ve seen her on VH1’s Behind the Music or E’s True Hollywood Story. 1016129_268204336650597_17076358_nOr perhaps you’ve caught an episode of Ex-Wives of Rock on Fuse, where Athena stars with her best friend Bobbie Brown (our awesome guest last week), Sharice Neil and Susan “Blue” Dixon.

Athena was married to drummer James Kottack and they have three children. AND, she has a degree in nursing and worked as a surgical nurse for several years, along with her music career.

Wow – an accomplished musician, TV star, medical professional, mother of three and rockin’ hot blonde babe… did we mention that she’s drummer Tommy Lee’s little sister?

Amber and the RNSU crew can’t wait for Thursday, when Athena will be LIVE in-studio. CALL IN to talk to our guests or Amber, just to say “hi,” or ask a question – we’d LOVE to hear from you at 1-323-203-0815.

Don’t miss this show, ’cause it’s gonna get LOUD.

Rock’N’SeXXXy UnCensored, LIVE on THURS NITES, 7pm PST/10pm PST, only on

Leonardo DiCaprio Has a HUGE, Big Dick

If you listened to Rock’N’SeXXXy UnCensored last night you heard the smokin’ HOT Bobbie Brown confirm it – for women (and a few men) all over the world – multi award-winning Leo is packing. Hey, Leo, is that an Oscar in your pocket, or are you just happy to see us?

Even Ron Jeremy was impressed – and Ronnie’s is 9 and a half!

Anyway, Bobbie knows what she’s talking about – the Amazon intro to her new book, “Dirty Rocker Boys,” names several other IMG_7472seXXXy, glamorous hook-ups: Kevin Costner, Mark McGrath, Dave Navarro, Sebastian Bach, Ashley Hamilton, Rob Pilatus of Milli Vanilli, Matthew and Gunnar Nelson, Orgy’s Jay Gordon, and many more.

That’s right, folks – identical twins. Miss Bobbie Brown has been there, done that and bought the T-shirt.

The girls talked about Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee, who Bobbie had been engaged to until he abruptly left her to marry Pamela Anderson. Of course, the rest is history due, in no small part, to the infamous Pam & Tommy sex tape. So now, we ALL know how BIG Tommy Lee’s penis is – and that’s pretty goddamn big. As for their broken romance, Bobbie and Amber agreed that it doesn’t really matter how big a guy’s dick is, if HE’S actually the dick. The break-up with Lee had a destructive affect on Bobbie  and was followed by years of wild misadventures, grudge-fucking and substance abuse. She says that though they remain friends (and she is best friends with his little sister Athena), he’s upset about some of the stories in the book.

There wasn’t enough time to talk about everybody, but Amber, Bobbie andIMG_7471 Ronnie all told tales of the scene on the Sunset Strip in the ’80s.

Today, Bobbie stars with Athena Lee, Sharise Neil, and Susan “Blue” Dixon in “Ex Wives of Rock,” which airs on the Slice Network in Canada and on Fuse Network in the U.S. She has a clothing line (which she was wearing) and she creates jewelry. Bobbie’s planning several signings for the book – the next one will be in her hometown of Baton Rouge, LA.

And not to neglect or forget Ronnie, because he is awesome. We LOVE him even IMG_7473though he forgot to bring a bottle of Ron de Jeremy rum (which is quite delicious). He did bring his harmonica and played a few bars.

Ronnie had a major health scare last year when serious cardiac issues forced him into the hospital for 6 weeks; since then he’s recovered, been watching his weight and traveling a little less. His schedule is still packed with appearances, movie roles and just being Ron Jeremy. His beloved tortoise Cherry is doing fine. Wondered if her full name might be Cherry Pie, but forgot to ask.

Listen to the Jan 30 show right here.





A Visit from Ronnie


The hardest working man in show business

BREAKING NEWS!! On the show tomorrow night, the one and only Ron Jeremy joins Rock’N’SeXXXy UnCensored with Amber Lynn and our superstar special guest Bobbie Brown.

When Ronnie realized the magnitude of the glamorous and SeXXXy ladies that would be in-studio, he gladly agreed to come on the show. We also might have told him something about cherry pie. Pie and poonanny-nanny; that’s surefire hedgehog bait.

Have you ever seen an actual hedgehog? They’re adorable!

We’ll find out how he’s doing – last year he had a big health scare, but he’s lost some weight and looks good. Maybe Ronnie will play harmonica for us. HOPEFULLY, he’ll bring a bottle of his awesome rum.

WE LOVE RONNIE and we’re glad he’s dropping by. CALL IN during the show, to talk to Amber, Bobbie or Ronnie, at 323-203-0815. LISTEN to Rock’N’SeXXXy UnCensored on THURS, Jan 30, at 7pm PST/10pm EST on

Sweet Surprise! Muse, Model Bobbie Brown Will be LIVE on the Show, Jan 30

THAT Bobbie Brown – remember the cut-off shorts and roller skates??? Mmmmm-mmmmmm, sweet cherry pie a la mode, if you know what we’re saying. With that Warrant video (released in 1990), Bobbie Brown became one of those eternal Girls of Summer – blonde, tan and so, SO pretty – she’s still the pin-up fantasy of rockers and schoolboys alike.

SO, next week, Bobbie will be LIVE in studio with our hostess Miss Amber Lynn. Get ready for some blonde-on-blonde kitty chat about some famous former flings, like Tommy Lee and Leonardo DiCaprio. There will be plenty of tales from the Sunset Strip. Bobbie also will talk about her book, “Dirty Rocker Boys.”

Rock’N’SeXXXy UnCensored, January 30, THURS, at 7pm PST on