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Bikers, Babes and Tuna Ramen Spread (prison style)

We’re having a heat wave in L.A. and that goes double for our guests on Rock’N’SeXXXy UnCensored this past Thursday – actors Kristen Renton and Clifton Collins Jr. Amber met them both at the Chiller Theater Expo, held recently in Parsippany (say that three times fast), NJ. Anyway, if you get chance to check out the Chiller show, we highly recommend it – it’s sounds like everyone there had a GREAT time.

Kristen currently plays the role of porn star Ima Tite on FX’s “Sons of Anarchy.” Before that, she did a year on “Days of Our Lives,” and lots of television work, including “The OC,” “CSI Miami” and “CSI NY,” MTV’s “Now What,” and a laundry list of other credits. Don’t let her elegant beauty fool you, though – she’s a natural on the red carpet in a gorgeous gown or riding on the back of your chopper to some desert roadhouse for tequila shots and maybe some pole-dancing. Or picking up dog poop with a plastic bag over her hand (and she’s got a huge dog, so that’s a big poop). She’s down-to-earth and likes to have fun – that’s a powerful combination.

But, MOST importantly, Kristen got to pseudo make-out with Charlie Hunnam (who plays Jax Teller on SOA), while she had on pasties and a flesh-colored G-string, and Charlie had on a cock sock. Wow, it must REALLY suck to go to work and have to roll around in bed with nearly-naked Charlie Hunnam. Kristen, we salute you on behalf of women everywhere, for tackling that difficult work assignment!

We didn’t get a chance to talk about Clifton’s on-screen sex scenes. In-person he’s a very sweet, smooth type of guy. Handsome. Smart. Funny. A very talented character actor with many credits to his name, his career started in the late ’80s with stereotypical Latino roles. Clifton’s breakout role came in the movie “One Eight Seven” with Samuel L. Jackson (oh, and Samuel, we LOVE it that you admit you watch porn – we just want you to pay for it, baby xo). Anyway, over the years, Clifton has been in a lot of huge movies – “Star Trek,” “Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day,” “Capote,” “Pacific Rim,” “The Twilight Zone,” and on and on.

Finding a commonality between his actor friends and other friends that have done hard time, one of Clifton’s ongoing projects is a cookbook and the main ingredient is ramen. When you think about it, ramen is a staple for lots of folks out there, but it only taste better when you “Pimp your Soup,” so to speak. Clifton told us a little bit about the tuna ramen spread, a prison recipe that a lot of people know.

We talked about lots of things on Thursday night. Kristen is a dedicated animal rescuer and involved with many animal and local charities. She co-hosts a podcast called World Animal News, focusing on animal rights issues. Clifton, too, was set to go to a fundraising event this weekend for Homeboy Industries. They’re both busy and in-demand actors, so Rock’N’SeXXXy was very appreciative to have them in the studio. Kristen starts shooting on the 7th and final season of “Sons of Anarchy” at the end of May. Clifton had just come from shooting a pilot; he did confirm that, despite rumors otherwise, he will not be playing the lead in Marvel’s “Ant-Man,” scheduled to come out later this year.

Listeners went crazy on the phones – next time we promise to take more calls! And we’d LOVE to have Clifton or Kristen on again, basically, whenever they feel like it. A cooking show with Clifton would definitely be cool – prison style, of course.

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