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Rock’N’SeXXXyU Welcomes guitarist Monte Pittman (Madonna) (Prong) new solo album “Inverted Grasp Of Balance”, and Comedian Tania Estrada joins host Amber Lynn This Thursday


Amber Lynn Rock’N’SeXXXy UnCensored Welcomes, Comedian, Actress Tania Estrada Marilyn Manson’s “Metestophiles of Los Angeles”, and Guitarist Monte Pittman, (Madonna), (Prong), “The Power Of Three”, new album “Inverted Grasp Of Balance” on this weeks show.


HOLLYWOOD, Calif – Amber Lynn Rock’N’SeXXXy-Uncensored has been working overtime taking the radio airwaves by storm each week with celebrity guests and co hosts from the Adult, Mainstream,& Music world even more exciting than the last and this Thursdays RNSU show promises to be no exception.


This Thursday Amber Lynn on Rock’N’SeXXXy Uncensored returns to the airwaves with another exxxciting episode as back by popular demand as guest, cohost comedian, actress Tania Estrada returns, aside from her fast growing popularity traveling the country with her stand-up act, she can be seen featured in Marilyn Manson’s “Metestophiles of Los Angeles” music video. She is appearing this Thursday night after RNSU at Flapper’s comedy club in Burbank, California.


RNSU is proud to present this weeks very special music guest; There are great guitarists, songwriter’s, and vocalists, guitarist Monte Pittman is one of the elite few who can truly claim all three. To assert that Pittman has a storied career is a supreme understatement, his resume includes an ongoing and fruitfull collaboration with multi platinum selling artist “Queen of Pop” Madonna, recording and touring with her for over 15 years. Then there’s his first band Myra Mains, and his stint in the metal behemouth “Prong”. As a solo artist his first release with metal blade records, “The Power Of Three”, He has also appeared in the documentary ” Who the fuck is Arthur Fogel”, This Thursday night he will be live on RNSU discussing his fourth and newest album release, “Inverted Grasp Of Balance” available September 23 worldwide, and speaking of world wide, he will be taking calls from fans and listeners from our worldwide fan base during the interview, he will also be discussing career highlights, and most importantly MUSIC AND METAL! listener’s will get to hear a taste off the new album, “Pride Comes Before The Fall” said to be his hardest release yet.


Fans are encouraged to call in and join the fun 323 203 0815.

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Halloween”Kick Off” w/Monster Rock “Misfits” guitarist DOYLE Wolfgang Von Frankenstein’s solo album “Abominator”, Anthony “TINY” Biuso former drummer of TSOL Punk Legends – BRAD CARTER premiering on Fx TV’s Son’s of Anarchy Final Season , Vanessa Burgundy Burlesque Queen w/ hosts Amber Lynn & Kristen Renton



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 Amber Lynn Rock’N’SeXXXy UnCensored & cohost  Kristen Renton, Welcome to This Week’s RNSU Show- “Monster Rock Metal”- DOYLE “Abominator” Wolfgang Von Frankenstein- Legendary former Misfits Guitarist . Anthony “TINY BUBBS” Biuso former drummer – Punk Legends TSOL. BRAD CARTER Premiering on FX TV’s  Son’s of Anarchy Season 7- Final Ride. Burlesque Queen Vanessa Burgundy anounces Amber Lynn tribute review plans for 2015 this week.







Amber Lynn’s New Resident Cohost  Kristen Renton who is known for her role she plays as porn star Ima Tite on the popular FX Tv show “Sons of Anarchy,” returns as cohost this week to

 RNSU  to Join Amber Lynn Live in the studio with special featured guests; Monster Rock Metal guitarist DOYLE Wolfgang Von Frankensten formerly of “Misfits” currently touring with his album Abominator with TINY BIUSO “Tiny Bubbs” drummer formerly with punk legends TSOL in house and  – BRAD CARTER actor premiering on FX TV hit series’ Son’s of Anarchy” season 7 Final Ride & Burlesque Queen VANESSA BURGUNDY announces Amber Lynn “tribute” review for Valentines  day 2015 this week on RNSU





  SHERMAN OAKS, Calif – Amber Lynn Rock’N’SeXXXy-Uncensored has been working overtime taking the radio airwaves by storm each week with celebrity guests and cohosts from the Adult, Mainstream,& Music world even more exciting than the last and this Thursdays’ RNSU show promises to be no exception



FX TV’s “Son’s of Anarchy’ star Kristen Renton is back as cohost and Joins Amber Lynn in welcoming to this weeks RNSU broadcast- “Monster Rock”  DOYLE Wolfgang Von Frankenstein Legendary former Misfits guitarist currently touring with his solo project Doyle Abominater. ANTHONY TINY BIUSO  former drummer for punk legends TSOL,.host of Tiny Talk TV


Brad carter




BRAD CARTER premieres on FX TV’s series Son’s of Anarchy Season 7 #Finalride and VANESSA BURGUNDY Burlesque Queen announces Amber Lynn tribute review plans.




“We are Very Excited about our show guest line up for this Thursday night on Rock’N’SeXXXy Uncensored, ”

“Monster Rock Metal”- DOYLE WOLFGANG VON FRANKENSTEIN, Legendary X Misfits guitarist DWVF has broken New ground of his own with SOLO project “Doyle” a Horror based Hard/Rock metal band. along with Alex Story vocalist, Graham Reaper bass and on this last tour leg replacing DR. Chud,on drums RNSU’s own  often times CoHost Tiny “Bubbs” Biuso, former TSOL drummer Host of Tiny Talk TV will  be LIVE in the LATalkRadio studio THURSDAY night helping host Doyle who it’s said cranks out music as scary as the “Misfits”, doom laden as Black Sabbath and as Hard hitting as Motorhead or Slayer, celebrating his success with Abominator to “Kick Off” the Halloween season.


Brad Carter, Film/TV actor premiering on FxTV’s ” Son’s of Anarchy” season 7 #FinalRide recently earning critical aclaim in the HBO Emmy nominated series “True Detective”,multi talented actor, musician, comedy writer joins the final season of FX TV series “Son’s of Anarchy”, also soon to star in “Syfy” new series “Ascension” in addition to releasing his debut solo album, & costarring with Johnny Depp in Warner Brothers “Black Mass”


Saving the best news for last! Vanessa Burgundy, direct from island of the “Misfit” toys Hollywood, California Queen of Burlesque, joins  show hosts Amber Lynn and Kristen Renton LIVE in the LATalkRadio studio to announce ” the Amber Lynn Tribute Burlesque show” currently in Planning Pre production for Valentines day 2015.




Kristen’s reccurring role of porn star Ima Tite has made her popular with SAMCRO fans. Soap opera fans remember her from her role as Morgan Hollingsworth on NBC’s “Days of Our Lives.”  Other television work includes appearances on “The OC,” “The Glades,” “Arrested Development,” “CSI NY” and “CSI Miami,” to name just a few. and Amber Lynn, well after 30 years in the adult business and over 350 popular  movies, and 200 magazines and Feature dancing all across the US and Canada everyone knows Amber Lynn!






this Thursday,October 16  at 7pm PT/10pm ET on and Visit the RNSU Blog for guest updates, photos, news and sponsorship information at follow us Twitter/ @RockNSeXXXyU Amber Lynn/@XXXAmberLynns



Thursday Night is Gonna Go BOOM!

Like nuclear warhead BOOM BOOM! Amber Lynn Rock’N’SeXXXy UnCensored will have a very special drummer in the house – thrash metal superstar guest Nick Menza, well-known for his near-decade with iconic thrash metal band Megadeth. His fanbase is worldwide and cult-like, so we know there’s gonna be a lot of you listening in to hear about Nick’s upcoming memoir, “Nick Menza: Megalife” and drumming projects in Mexico. Hopefully, Nick will shoot the shit about drumming – for all you aspiring drummers out there – this guy know what’s up and what life is like in the L.A. music scene. Anyway, check out Nick drumming his ASS off in 1990 with Megadeth.

Now it wouldn’t be Rock’N’SeXXXy without the seXXXy part. You know Miss Amber Lynn always shows up dressed for a party. This week, we would like to welcome back Kristen Renton, a talented actress that you will be seeing this September in the seventh and final season of “Sons of Anarchy.” Amber is absolutely head-over-heels for her, especially because Kristen’s character on SOA is Ima Tite, the always-abused porn star. Kristen also spent a year on “Days of Our Lives.” She played a downhome Southern belle on the soap, which has been on TV since 1965 – waaaay before Kristen was born. Anyway, here’s a trailer from 2013 for a short movie she starred in called “Girl at the Door.” Looks like the moral of the story IS, that’ll teach you to go out and have rough sex with a beautiful stranger.

We can’t promise you any rough sex on the show, on Thursday, but we can talk about it 😀 We’re pretty sure that the fans might try to talk Amber and Kristen into a kitten/cougar thing. It’s hard to say what might happen – but you’ll never know unless you LISTEN…

Remember to join Amber Lynn Rock’N’SeXXXyUnCensored, every THURSDAY, 7pm PT/10pm ET on and If you miss the show, download it at iTunes. Please, follow us on Twitter @RockNSeXXXyU and Facebook. Check us OUT!